Saturday, March 27, 2010

Breaking (heart)

I stand at the edge of the
arena and I
can’t help but notice what is happening.
Some call it training, some call it
schooling. I call it (heart) breaking.

There is nothing I can do, nothing that
has not already been said and done. Over and over
my words go unheard.
I want to stand up
in arms, but responding to violence
with violence was never
ever the answer.

And while others are watching
they don’t see you. Not the way
I see
how everything is clear; the pain,
the panic disclosing in your
eyes, in your heart (breaking).

I stand at the edge of the
arena and I
feel like I have failed you-
and I still keep
failing while my heart (breaking)
rages, a blazing ember.

Forgive me, I only wanted to
love you my friend. And
now I don’t know
how to save
to end to prevent to
conjure a Miracle to
stop this breaking (heart).

~  K

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