Tuesday, March 3, 2009


"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."
-Albert Einstein

Last fall I attended an animal communication workshop by Marta Williams. Marta has a great down-to-earth approach to relating to animals and nature through intuitive communication.

The workshop was emotionally quite an intense experience with participants from all walks of life and many different countries. We laughed and cried together, sharing our often almost unbelievable stories about connecting with animals. I now understand that not only do animals understand what we say and think, they also talk to us, if we are ready to listen. Marta’s workshop was yet another milestone on this long path of mine and changed my way of thinking from “Nah, I’m just imagining things” to “OMG, I actually heard that animal speak to me!”

Maybe you believe me when I say I can communicate with animals, or maybe you think I’m crazy. Either way, there is something I would like to share with you, because I feel that if there is nothing else we do to help animals, this one thing might end up saving the world. What I’m talking about is called Manifesting.

Manifesting is a lot like praying. I’m not a religious person by any standard, but I do feel connected to my spirituality. Manifesting is really just sending good energy from one place to another. For example, you see someone abusing their horse, but there is not much you can do to help the poor animal physically. You can, however, manifest for that animal to get into a better situation, maybe for the owner to change and become kinder or for the horse to find a new home. Or, you could simply send a lot of love to the horse, just to give it strength and to communicate that it is not alone in the world and someone is supporting it.

I’m not kidding, this really works.

You can manifest for pretty much anything. You can manifest for your neighbor to take his dog out more often. You can manifest for the local riding school to start using bitless bridles. You can manifest for people to stop cutting down the rainforest. Anything. You can even talk to the animal itself and get them to manifest for themselves with you.

In her book Ask Your Animal Marta writes: “I have found that it is possible to help animals in a bad situation use their own intention to create a better future for themselves. … researchers are finding that there is real science behind the idea that our intentions have energy and can shape our reality. Or to put it another way: what you think about, you bring about.”

Let’s save the world through manifesting!


"The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen."
- Frank Lloyd Wright

More info about Marta Williams at www.martawilliams.com

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